Eyelash Extensions

EEyelash extensions transform your natural lashes into the lashes you’ve always dreamed of. Get longer, fuller lashes without the use of mascara and curlers.

With this highly trained skill we apply individual lashes one by one to your own natural eyelash (not skin). They look and feel like your own, with no fuss. After application, you can go about your day in the shower, gym, sauna, or even apply makeup with no damage to the lashes. This saves you so much time every morning, its amazing.

Application process is pretty luxurious, you lay down with a comfy blanket for a couple hours for a full set and about 30-40 minutes for a fill.

  • Classic Set


  • Classic Fill





After care instructions will be given when completed, lashes last around 4-6 weeks with a fill in between. Call for more information or to book your first appointment.