Our Staff


Cody Mitchell

Founder of Secret Sun

I have lived in Orange County CA, my whole life. I adore the beaches and being outdoors. After working in Dermatology for over eight years, I learned so much about the skin and the affects of the sun. Not only did I see tons of people getting skin cancer, I too became a victim of having the sun cause damage to my skin. Skin care is my passion, so I set out to create a place of healthy alternatives while still achieving the same natural, beautiful end result of what we all want – a flawless organic tan. Secret Sun also provides a heat free method of hair removal that is quick, gentle and longer lasting then waxing. Sugaring, only sticks to hair so no live skin cells are damaged in the process which is a lot safer and pain free compared to other methods. Also, great for the sensitive skin types like myself. Let us give you a tan to take to the beach, instead of leaving the beach with possible sun damage leave with a gorgeous healthy glow.